Water Wells

Aside from the orphanage, our desire for the people of West Bengal is to give them clean drinkable water. Many of the water supplies in this region alone are tainted with arsenic along with human and animal waste. Our organization has built multiple clean water wells for the surrounding villages and plan to install more over the next several years. 

Woman doing dishes and laundry in tainted water pool

Many of the water supplies in West Bengal India are community ponds or pools where animals and people constantly bathe and drink out of. A common sight for these community ponds is the tremendous amounts of debris that can be seen floating on the surface. Because of the poverty in the region, many of the water wells installed are done so improperly which can lead to death and severe sickness. We as an organization go to these villages that desperately need clean drinkable water and hire contractors to provide this vital resource. We buy the materials, hire the workers and organize these projects until completion. Clean water,  which is such a common thing in more developed countries is a luxury for these sweet people. Because most homemade water wells are built improperly, many chemicals from the road, human & animal waste and other contagions are able to go directly into the water source underground. One of our projects is to make clean water as common as it is to those in more developed countries. No one should be without access to clean drinkable water.

Image of a properly built well.

Self Sustaining Projects

One of the most heartbreaking things happening in India, is parents having to travel at times hundreds of miles away from their children to find work. Poverty has stricken the region of West Bengal. Many can't find work, those that do are still unable to put food on their families tables or provide clothing their children. We are leading an effort to help keep families together through what we call "The Arm". This effort helps families in West Bengal stay together through self sustaining income. In India, families can earn an income by selling the milk and cheese provided by one single goat. They can sell off piglets from a family pig. They can sell fish from their fishery at home. Our "Arm" program puts these types of resources into the hands that need it most. Through our ability to give these families a goat, pig or even a clean water well, we're effectively giving them the opportunity they need for self sustenance.

If a family is able to have a cultivation water well they can fairly charge the farmers in the area for irrigation water. In addition, a family that has a fishery can sell off their fish for food.  Getting these types of resources in the people's hands and effectively training them will dramatically change their families future for generations.