Since 2013, we have led an effort to house and rescue at risk children in the state of West Bengal, India. 


Our Mission

We exist to give hope around the world. To impact the lives of children who are at risk of becoming homeless, abducted for their body parts, being sold into the sex slavery trade, becoming an indentured slave, disease and even starvation. Our mission is simple, reach as many children as we can and give them a hope they wouldn't have had otherwise. A hope of daily food, shelter, education, love and protection from the elements that would otherwise cause their lives to become hopeless.


Bipul Roy

Riki Roy

Newlyweds Bipul & Riki Roy have been with us since the very beginning in 2013. It was Bipul that oversaw the building construction and managed the resources to make it all happen. Without his and Riki's help the orphanage wouldn't have happened. They are dedicated to helping their future generation grow and become everything they can be. They have a true passion for people and a heart that has captured their village, we are so thankful to be working with such a great young couple. In addition, they oversee, run, and manage the school that is attached to the orphanage. Bipul and his lovely new bride live onsite and oversee the daily operations of the orphanage. Their love for the children is a beautiful thing to see. 

The Village

The orphanage is located in the state of West Bengal, India. The orphanage sits right on the main road of a very small village. Be careful though, only bikes or motorcycles can reach it. The village is filled with many families who believe in the orphanage and the work it is doing. You will find many of the villagers either on staff or volunteering their time to help the orphanage be a success.

The Building