January 2016 we witnessed one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in France in recent memory. Five separate well organized attacks left the city of Paris in ruin for 24 hours. People wounded and bleeding in the streets. A shoot out in a theater where authorities found the terrorists. Social media took storm in support of France with profile pictures dawning the French colors of red, blue and white. Public outcry and support were at historic levels. France, the world, was united. Underneath it all were the families of those who lost sons, daughters, moms and dads. No public outcry, no amount of rallying was going to bring their loved ones back. 

March 22nd, 2016 another attack, this time in Brussels. The target, an airport. Reports of bombs with nails being set off, gunman and more terror. Dead, injured, fear running ramped in a Brussels’ airport. With Paris a not too distant memory one can only think, “How many more are going to happen?” Terrorism is alive and well in the world. Factions popping up and gaining more popularity, more attacks aren’t a possibility but a certainty. 

With this growing threat how is it possible that we outside of any military influence can make a difference in this fight? The answer is simple, the children. India has one of the highest missing children rates in the world. An estimated quarter million go missing in India each year. The reasons are many but some are recruited by terrorist extremists. Either pulled away from their parents or lured away by these militant groups the children become soldiers. Heartbreaking to think that these innocent children get caught up in a war that wasn’t their’s.

This epidemic isn’t tragic only to children in the Middle Eastern region of the world, it is everywhere! Children from around the world end up finding themselves kidnapped or lost wandering into a world they don’t understand nor wanted. India is one such region that terrorist groups use to recruit members. In an article published by the Hindustan Times, it stated that a suspected Al-Qaeda member was given instruction to in fact recruit in the country of India. 

The younger, the better. So easy to influence and manipulate these groups stop at nothing to strengthen their numbers. You can help stop terrorism! Thats right, you can help make a difference in the fight against terror. Opportunity Hope has built an orphanage for at risk children ranging from ages 5-18. A donation of any type would help ensure their future and keep them safe from the hands of these militant groups. With the children safely tucked away at the orphanage getting an english speaking education and hot meals. They will know a life much different than that of their peers. 


One child sponsored is one life saved. And perhaps, a life that saves many other lives as well. With every child we’re able to sponsor and house at the orphanage, it’s one less child thats turned into a horrible weapon of fear. You can make that difference today by donating. Click the button below and make a stance saying, “Enough is enough!” 

What's Underneath The Surface

What's Underneath The Surface

There I was sitting on a bench by the living room window listening to an Irish flute, harmonica and drum. Watching an impressive display of what looked to be river dancing, no doubt their effort was sincere, but fun was the main focus. Laughing and giggling, each person took a turn to join the inner circle and dance with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. We were celebrating St. Patrick's Day eating corned beef & cabbage. Laughter filled the room and memories were being made. I caught a glance of my daughter gazing at the young ladies who took full advantage of the music to show off their dancing prowess. 

The Struggle For Girls In India

India along with China boasts one of the biggest population of minor's (18 and under) in the world according to a report posted by UNDESA in 2012. In this statistic we find the reality of young girls in India, while the ministry of India has been making improvements through legislation traction has been slow and hard to come by. With the increased awareness of gender selection and the mistreatment of the girls of India it's our hope that we can soon start to see a breakthrough. Gender inequality in India is nothing new and the statistics are heartbreaking.

• While one in every five adolescent boys is malnourished, one in every two girls in India is undernourished
• 1 out of every 6 girls does not live to see her 15th birthday.
• An Indian girl child aged 1-5 years is 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy. Every 6th girl child’s death is due to gender discrimination. Even if she escapes infanticide or foeticide, a girl child is less likely to receive immunisation, nutrition or medical treatment compared to a male child.
• 1 out of 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 4.
• 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate.
• 48% of women in India aged 20-24 were married or are in union before aged 18 years, and almost 1 in 5 were married before aged 15 years.

Attempts have been made to improve the conditions of those who are mentioned above, but with 400 million children making up roughly 40% of the India population, keeping up is almost impossible to do. Many of these young ladies and young men will never have the ability to live what they would consider a normal or successful life. The only change they truly have is for those with the ability to make a difference help spread the word about the rising problem for the young girls of India. To join the fight follow us on twitter @OpportunityHope and share this story with your friends. Help make a difference in their lives by spreading awareness. 

Lets Build A Wall

Lets Build A Wall

As the orphanage grows more children will be making the orphanage their home. We want to provide a safe environment not only for the children but also the teachers and the caretakers as well. Your support to the building of the wall around the property will help insure the protection of the children and caretakers. If you would like to give to this project you can do so by clicking on the DONATE tab below. Thank you for investing in this project.

Priti's Story

Every year in India hundreds of thousands of children go missing or become homeless. Priti is the name of a young girl whom by chance found us as we were helping other children to the orphanage. With only her grandmother to care for her and grandmother's age and health becoming an issue the family thought it best for Priti to come with us to the orphanage. When we were there you saw the relief and hope in their eyes as it was obvious that Priti's future was about to become very bright. The struggles that Priti had are not isolated but very common for many children in India. Learn how you can make a difference and help build a future for more children just like Priti.