Child Labor -- The Epidemic

An epidemic in India and across many other countries is child labor.  This is a vey real issue, troubling issue that isn't making any headway. To India's credit in 2014 the United States Department Of Labor mentioned India made moderate progress in drafting a new law regulating the ages of child labor. They drafted a plan that would make the legal age of child labor to 14. While this attempt is admirable, it has yet to pass through parliament. Children from a very young age, as young as 6 or 7 are forced into slave labor or sold by their families for money into slave labor. An estimated 900,000 children in India go missing each year, read this report! The reasons for the disappearances range from kidnapping to harvesting of body parts. In addition, they are sold into child slave labor. Many find themselves working for as little as $4 a month in brick yards, cleaning sewers without safety gear, harvest rice, farming and many other jobs.

Perhaps the most tragic thing, many of these children will never be anything more than a brick layer, or a seamstress, a field hand or many other low paying laborers. With an estimated 900,000 children going missing in India each year it is highly unlikely any major changes are going to take place. One of the best ways to battle this epidemic is to bring awareness and share it with the world. Many children will never have the chance at a proper education or a life worth living.  Help bring awareness to this epidemic and share this with your friends. Get the word out and help us put a stop to child labor in the world!