We Got The Beds!

After our last trip to India the orphanage had yet been able to purchase good functioning beds for the children to sleep in. Today we are happy to announce that the beds have been delivered and are now being used! For months now the children of the orphanage have been sleeping on concrete floors with only a blanket to use. Often, children would sleep on the floor even in their own homes with little or no cushion. Needless to say, these beds mean a lot more than just another comfortable place to sleep. Many children in India have never had a mattress, let alone a bed to sleep on. The beds that have arrived are heavy cast metal, with bug nets and very comfortable mattresses. As you can see by the pictures provided to us by our caretaker, Bipul, they are well constructed and if need be can be used as bunk beds. 

Something as simple as a bed is a great luxury to these children. Now they'll be able to get a good nights sleep with out back or neck problems, increasing their ability to learn and focus. You wouldn't think that getting a good nights sleep is as important as it is. But to these children it means the world.