We Are Wanting To Expand

During one of our last trips to West Bengal we were able to purchase land that would be used for crops and later expansion of the facilities at the orphanage. We have always been looking to even further the property line and a plot of land has just come available. There is a parcel of land about 1.5 acres big we would like to allocate for future farming and expansion of the orphanage. As you can see from the images below it is very close to the orphanage and would be perfect for future crops and building expansion. The dream doesn't end there! As we continue to grow, our hope is to make this orphanage a beacon of hope in it's local community. With your help and generous giving we'll be able to see that dream come true. The land we are wanting to purchase is outlines in yellow, these shots were given to us by our caretaker, Bipul. 

From this view you can see the orphanage and the small tree line that separates what you see directly in front of you from the land that we've already purchased. In the images below you can see whats on the other side of the tree line right next to the orphanage. We've already begun to put it to great use. Bipul and the orphanage have already started planting jute ( a long soft, shinny, vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads ) for this season! 

Patti field directly behind the orphanage

With the purchase of this additional land prospect it would give the orphanage another means of income. The long term goal is to get this orphanage making it's own money. This way, future monies that are raised will help go to more specific needs such as farming equipment, cooking materials or purchasing of more land for expansion. Below is the outlined and prospected land for purchase.

The orphanage was only the very beginning of the dream and vision. It's our hope with your participation we'll be able to make the dreams of this local village community and so many at risk children come true. If you would like to help this cause you can do so by donating below!