Furniture Is Arriving

All of the planning and hard work is paying off! Over the past few weeks we've been able to see the fruit from the dedication of our sponsors and partners. A number of furniture items have arrived and they crew at the orphanage is already putting it together.  Among some of the items that have arrived is bedding and the frames for the bunkbeds. We've also started receiving the desk kits so that the children will be able to learn on nice sturdy desks.

This truly is an exciting time for us and our people on the ground in India. So much planning and hard work has gone into the construction of the orphanage, to see this happen is a very fulfilling feeling. Slowly and surely we are beginning to see the building fill up with much needed supplies! 

As you can see from the pictures our team has already began putting the beds and desks together as well as painting them. We can't even imagine what the children are thinking at this moment. Many if not most of their families wouldn't have been able to afford to send them to school let alone provide them a bed as nice as this. As great as this step is for the children this is only the beginning of the vision we have for India and the surrounding countries. Thank you to all who have donated and supported this work. You've helped make an impact in the lives of these children for generations to come.