What's Underneath The Surface

There I was sitting on a bench by the living room window listening to an Irish flute, harmonica and drum. Watching an impressive display of what looked to be river dancing, no doubt their effort was sincere, but fun was the main focus. Laughing and giggling, each person took a turn to join the inner circle and dance with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. We were celebrating St. Patrick's Day eating corned beef & cabbage. Laughter filled the room and memories were being made. I caught a glance of my daughter gazing at the young ladies who took full advantage of the music to show off their dancing prowess. 

Grandpa was sitting to my left and quickly we engaged in life stories, mainly about our travels around the world. He just recently went on a trip to Ireland, his grin still bright as he described the excitement of his trip to the motherland. Not long after I mentioned my own trips around the world, specifically India. A few of the family members gathered around me as I began to describe the trip in as much details as possible. Mentioning the beauty of the woman and their spirit. The genuine kindness that endeared me to fall in love with the people of India. How I was treated like a rockstar simply because I didn't look like everyone around me. 

When we described the cultures of the countries we visited, we both agreed that there is a vast difference between us (USA) and the rest of the world. In large part the differences are staggering. Say for example, we here in the US cook with big ranges and gas grills. India cooks with far less superior equipment, yet, they make it work. The cultural differences range from spiritual to tangible. While India and many countries struggle with poverty, no one can deny their beauty as a people. Literally every family I came across welcomed me in their home. They made tea for me, and served me a cake. What little they did have they offered to me without hesitation.

It's easy to get caught up in the richness of any culture and not be inspired or awed by it. What we fail to realize, there is still a serious problem that lies underneath the surface. While many if not all of those sweet people can put on a wide smile and greet you with such hospitality, what you don't see is the struggle in their heart. You don't get to see the frustration and the anger, because like us they hide it too. They mask their pain as best they can, every day, picking themselves up right where they left off. Some walking for miles upon miles to jobs that only pay one dollar a day. Many die because of unsafe working conditions, leaving their children fatherless or motherless. 


You can help today!  Yes, you can make a difference in their lives. With every dollar you donate towards the orphanage in India you are ensuring that their future is as bright as ever. Imagine changing the course of a 6 years old's life forever by donating to the orphanage. A future full of promise and hope, something they wouldn't have had unless you stepped in to make a difference. Everyday thousands upon thousands of children in India go fatherless, motherless, hungry or missing. But you making a contribution could help change their fate. 

Donate today, and make a difference in a child's life!