Lets Build A Wall

The orphanage has been completed and children are being added, It is an exciting time for Opportunity Hope! Over the past few months we've been able to purchase and deliver bedding, bunk beds, cooking supplies & hardware, desks and chairs for the school and fill to bring up the land level surrounding the orphanage. Many amazing things are happening right now and the children along with the caretakers and teachers are very excited. One item that is needed immediately is a fence to help protect the orphanage. As it stands right now the surrounding areas are open around the orphanage which make it easy access for people walking by on the dirt road. We are wanting to provide security for the children at the orphanage and we need your help to do it! As the orphanage grows more children will be making the orphanage their home. We want to provide a safe environment not only for the children but also the teachers and the caretakers as well. India has one of the highest child disappearance rates in the world. An estimated 900,000 children go missing each year in India, it would be a tragic thing to have a child from the orphanage get kidnapped because there wasn't a wall.  Your support to the building of the wall around the property will help insure the protection of the children and caretakers. If you would like to give to this project you can do so by clicking on the DONATE tab below. Thank you for investing in this project and help us protect these precious children.