2016 It's A New Year Of Hope

2015 was a tremendous year for Opportunity Hope. Our orphanage was completed and now full of children. We were able to purchase land and help farmers and villagers create income through selling of goats & pigs. Lastly, we were able to build several fresh water wells for the precious people of West Bengal, India. In addition to the success that many of our projects have seen this past year, we've been able to launch our newly refaced website. It's about helping people, helping those individuals who aren't in a position to help themselves in the way they need it.

Our vision for 2016 is to reach even further than we have in previous years. It's not just about India, it's about reaching globally and meeting the needs of the at risk, desperate, challenged and hopeless. That is why we exist -- to give hope to the world. Can you imagine a world where there isn't any poverty? We can! Could you imagine a world where there are breakthroughs in medicine so we can vaccinate the sick in countries that don't have those resources? That future while it seems far away is possible, but it's going to take you and I to make it happen.

In 2016 we need your support, it's time to get engaged in helping us further our reach so that we can give hope to those who have lost it. There is a child who is motherless and fatherless in India. There are people in villages across the world who don't have access to clean drinkable water. Families and individuals are dying of common sicknesses everyday. Hope is being lost and our desire is to see it restored. This upcoming year we have plans to buy even more land to expand the orphanage we've built, giving us the capacity to house even more children. The purchase of land would also allow us to have farm land for food and income. More wells need to be dug and more children need to find a safe home were they can get an education. 

You can be a part of this! Your help and support can and will make a big difference as we gear up in 2016. This truly is a new year of hope, you can impact a life right now! Can you join us in changing someone's life?