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James Smith | President Opportunity Hope.

Who we are

In India every year an estimated 100,000 children go missing. The cause of their disappearance could vary from prostitution, organ harvesting, becoming indentured slaves, runaways and murder. Our journey started back in 2013 when OpportunityHope President James Smith and his son Jeremy made their way to India. Their hearts were filled with purpose as they saw life through the eyes of the local villagers in West Bengal. As their journey continued they discovered and understood more about the lives of the people and children of Northern India. Poverty, racism, homelessness and abandoned children were all on display as they made their way through these villages. What impacted their lives the most were the children. Many were just sitting on the side of the road motherless and fatherless. After some discovery it was learned that many of those unfortunate children could suffer horrible fates. It was their experience that prompted James to create and pioneer OppotunityHope.org.

Some of the children that live at the orphanage.

Some of the children that live at the orphanage.

How Do We Give Hope?

Beginning in 2013 Opportunity Hope along with it's partners began the construction of an orphanage in West Bengal, India. This orphanage houses many children that were at risk of poverty, becoming homeless and having no education. At the orphanage they will receive a first class education, clothes, home cooked meals and loving relationships that will last a life time.

In addition, as we broaden our humanitarian efforts we are building wells in the state of West Bengal to help the local villages gain access to clean drinkable water. Many if not most of the water supply in this region are tainted with deadly chemicals and animal/human waste. Many children & adults die from the diseases that are found in their only water supply. The vision doesn't stop there. Our hope is to continue to build on the property of the orphanage and to purchase new lands so that we can expand and house more children. With your contributions their dreams can become a reality and a child will have a home. 

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