Every year an estimated 900,000 children in India go missing. The reasons for their disappearance varies from being sold into child slavery, being harvested for their body parts, sex trafficking and other horrible fates. The numbers are hard to keep up with and almost impossible to track due to the high volume of children missing each year. Many of these children don't have a say about their future. Numerous children are sold by their own family into the child labor force, some as young as 6 or 7 years old. This is a heartbreaking reality that Opportunity Hope is passionate about battling.

We recently embarked on a project to help build an orphanage in the northern region of India. This orphanage was designed to house at risk children from poverty, homelessness, working as child labor or being sold into slavery. Countless children across the world and in India are unfortunately dragged into the sex trafficking world. Many children will never have the basic human rights to their bodies and future.


The orphanage that was recently completed is our attempt and beginning step of reaching as many at risk children as we can. When at capacity we can house up to 40-50 children.

Would you be willing to make a difference right now?

Our passion and dream is to give each of these precious children a future, education and a hope. When you look into their eyes you can see the future that they deserve to have. Many of them are destined to become doctors, engineers, leaders, mothers and fathers. If you were to visit the village where the orphanage is located you would constantly hear the laughter of the children who live at the orphanage. These children are bright and intelligent, all they need is an opportunity to flourish and live in a safe environment. 

In addition to the growing risk of being sold into slavery or becoming homeless, they also have living conditions that risk their lives. As you would imagine, many of these villages that the children live in don't have access to normal everyday vaccines and medication. Adults as well as children die from natural diseases such as the flu and other common illnesses. Hunger, unsanitary living conditions and lack of access to clean drinkable water every day conditions these children live with. These precious children bathe, wash their clothes, wash dishes and drink from the very water that animals bathe in. Severe sickness and death has been attributed to these watering holes being used by both humans and animals. Numerous water supplies are tainted with human and animal waste. These children with your assistance will have a chance to have a future they wouldn't have had. The chance for a good education, safety from slavery and healthy environments are the right for every child. You can be a part of that! Will you join us?